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Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub (TEH) Announces the Winning Teams for the 'Win A Greater Health' International Online Pitch Contest!

This year, Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub (TEH) held its annual international online pitch contest, with a specific focus on the thriving Greater Health Industry. They extended invitations to notable companies, such as BE Health Ventures, Taipei Medical University's BioMed Accelerator, and Taipei BioInnovation Park, to join as corporate partners and judging representatives. On October 3, 2023, these collaborative efforts came to fruition as they orchestrated the 'Win A Greater Health' international online pitch contest. Throughout this year's pitch contest, the judges evaluated a multitude of innovative startup teams, ultimately selecting six finalists: Humanity (USA), Iflowtech (Singapore), Zima Sensors Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), FireFly (Czech Republic), Ligence (Lithuania), and MayaMD (India). These accomplished teams will reconvene in Taipei on November 10 for the Demo Day.

The Pitch Contest this year had a diverse lineup, with 16 startup teams coming from 10 countries, such as Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, the USA, and India. Furthermore, the judging panel featured top executives from esteemed organizations: Managing Partner Arthur Chen from BE Health Ventures, CEO Dr. Jowy Tani of Taipei Medical University's BioMed Accelerator, and Director of Taipei BioInnovation Park, Jenny Yang. Following a review process, the panel handpicked 10 outstanding teams to advance to the second round of the competition—the final online pitch contest scheduled for October 3rd.

The post-contest comments from the judging panel underscored the inspiring nature of this pitch contest. Every participating startup team articulated their motivations, objectives, and future strategies for their innovative solutions and products with clarity. These solutions are also in harmony with the practical requirements of Taipei City's healthcare system, aligning seamlessly with their trajectory for future development and collaboration. The selected finalists of this pitch contest showcased the following qualities:

Humanity - Has developed a health application platform focused on extending health span. It utilizes artificial intelligence calculations and integrates with current personal smart devices, taking into account user community habits to provide preventive medicine and personal health alerts.

Iflowtech - Developing a data collection application and wearable device for patients suffering from mental stress and sleep disorders. It collects data on attention span, brainwave patterns, and physiological indicators. The technology enables healthcare professionals to issue more effective medical prescriptions and conduct medical interventions by comprehensively collecting index data. In the future, Iflowtech also plans to gradually develop the technology into marketable products.

Zima Sensors Pte. Ltd. - Specializes in protective packaging solutions for temperature-sensitive drugs and precision medical equipment. They have developed ZIMABOX, a solution addressing the pressing needs in the distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

FireFly - Utilizes AI-powered chatbot to provide mental health support and empathetic conversations services, that not only saves time for mental health professionals but also aims to enhance the accuracy of issue assessment, enabling professionals to provide patients with more personalized psychological counseling services.

Ligence - Offers artificial intelligence-based medical imaging analysis technology that enhances the accuracy and applicability of ultrasound imaging. This enables physicians to more easily explain medical conditions to patients and interact with them more effectively. They also plan to apply this technology in patient referral processes to reduce the time spent on examinations.

MayaMD - Has developed an artificial intelligence-powered virtual triage platform designed for the convenience of applications in chronic disease care management, telemedicine, and patient consultation engagement.

The Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government places great importance on attracting international startup teams with key technologies and research capabilities to facilitate the cooperative transformation and upgrade of local industries. This has always been a crucial industrial goal for the city government. Additionally, harnessing the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to drive city diplomacy is a significant driving force. Therefore, in recent years, the department has actively connected global startup ecosystem resources through TEH, organizing various networking events across different industries and time zones, creating the most resource-rich and comprehensive entrepreneurial community.  This year, the winning teams of the online pitch contest will be invited to participate in a series of events and business visits, including a Demo Day scheduled for November 10, further enhancing collaboration and knowledge exchange.

In addition to the current pitch contest, TEH also offers a comprehensive health tech startup FAQ, personalized consulting services, and hosts networking events. We wholeheartedly welcome global startup partners to establish a presence in Taipei through TEH. For more information on our activities, please visit our official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TaipeiEntrepreneurs or our LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/86956370/admin/feed/posts You can also contact our the organizing company Everiii Consulting CO., Ltd. at (+886 2) 33435456 ext. 806, Ms. Kuo.