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APO Organizes Wasp, Snake-catching Classes

Capturing a snake with snake tongsIn the interest of training specialists capable of capturing snakes, wasps, and other dangerous animals, the Animal Protection Office (APO) will be holding 3 classes on snake and wasp capture. The classes are slated for August 8, September 5, and September 19 at the Department of Civil Servant Development.
Students will have a chance to learn about the behaviors of wasps and snakes, as well as how to safely conduct removal and capture missions. Training will also cover issues such as how to deal with first aid when bitten or stung by the target. Positions are limited, and the agency welcome those interested in the subject to sign up.
The APO pointed out that due to the rising temperature in recent years, reports of snake and wasp intrusions have been on the rise. In 2018 alone, the city government received over 9,000 service requests in this area.
With the expected outsourcing of snake and wasp capture tasks by 2021, the city government seeks to implement training courses to educate talents to maintain service quality, considering the high risk and amount of training required for experts in this area.
The program invites doctors from Taiwan Veterans General Hospital to provide instructions on first aid for snake bites and staff from Taipei Zoo to talk about the correct ways of using snake tongs and wasp protection gears.
To register, please sign up at the registration website (https://forms.gle/g9jhG3Lkr5U8DejT6). To request assistance for capturing wasps and snakes, please dial 119 or call the 1999 Citizens’ Hotline.