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Travel Plaza Takes on New Appearance at Night

Taipei Travel Plaza at night For those of you who frequent the neighborhood around Taipei Train Station, you’d probably notice the new appearance of the Taipei Travel Plaza at night.

Taipei Travel Plaza is located in downtown Taipei and borders both Taipei Train Station and North Gate. The busy traffic in the surrounding provides a sharp contrast to the tranquil greens of the plaza, where passersby can sit back and enjoy the busy atmosphere of the train station, North Gate, and surrounding commercial district. The rare green space at the downtown traffic hub provides a moment of relief and offers citizens a place to sit down and relax.

According to Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) Director Chen Jung-hsing, the new greenery planted in the plaza include selections such as mission grass, spike gayfeathers, and walking iris. The scene at the plaza smoothly connects with the landscape towards the west side of the establishment.

Horticulture Division Chief Yang from PSLO also pointed out that plants such as mission grass and weeping lovegrass are sowed in the area along with spike gayfeathers to create a “layered” look around the plaza, contrasting the urban landscape comprising high risers and the train station building.

In addition to the colorful landscape during daytime, visitors at the plaza witness a completely different scene under the moonlight. The deployment of dandelion-shaped lights in the plaza complimented by reed lamps scattered across the terrain creates a firefly-like light show for commuters waiting at the plaza’s bus stop.