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​New embankment wall painting at Heshuang No 21 Riverside Park

A new embankment wall painting appears again at the riverside of Taipei City under "Taipei New Story"! This new work is made by rising Taiwanese artist Chi Wu at the leisure station (under Zhoumei Express on the right bank of the Keelung River) near Heshuang No 21 Riverside Park. Cycling along the riverside bikeway, visitors can enjoy this fantasy work! If you pass by the area, why not slow down to take a look at it?

This work by the Taipei embankment painting design team 57 Art Studio x Chi Wu is made with the elements inspired through local investigation and interviews with local seniors to meet the local cultural spatial needs. In the idea of a picture book, the popular Daoist story of "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea" is depicted on the embankment wall to disseminate local culture and energy with the embankment wall painting as the vehicle and link to the "Taipei New Story" again to make every embankment wall painting in Taipei City form part of the "Taipei New Story" picture book featuring exclusive local culture.

According to the HEO, Wu is a rising Taiwanese male artist whose style is filled with fantasy and children’s fun. Based on the story of "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea," he transformed the embankment at Heshuang No 21 Riverside Park into a story wall and built a fantasy story scene with color paintings and 3D fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). The work is erected at the leisure station of Heshuang No 21 Riverside Park for the public to enjoy the visual pleasure at Heshuang No 21 Riverside Park.

The HEO began to implement the "Taipei New Story" embankment wall painting project last year. Currently, the embankment wall painting has been completed at 10 locations. There is also one hidden highlight which will be unveiled to link all embankment wall paintings after the "Taipei New Story" is completed. It is hoped that the "Taipei New Story" can find a new way for embankment beautification while earning local recognition and creating urban aesthetics at the same time for every painted embankment wall to become an urban picture book telling the story of local culture.