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Edible Landscape at Futai Borough Park

Through the collaboration between Futai Borough Office and local residents, the empty plot located at the intersection of Songxin Road and Lane 122 of Hulin Street has been transformed into a garden ‘base’ for the local community.
According to Parks and Street Lights Office Director Huang Li-yuan, the purpose of promoting the Garden City policy is to provide vegetable gardens on the rooftop of public buildings, school campuses, and empty public-owned lots for the public to enjoy raising crops.
He expressed his gratitude to the residents of Futai Borough for infusing the empty property with vitality and colors, promising that the agency will continue to implement the policy and inviting communities and organizations to join the effort to make the city environment more appealing and beautiful.
Borough Chief Chen Kuo-hua remarked that Futai Park is conveniently located next to the Taipei Children’s Welfare Center in a relatively peaceful and quiet environment. Through an operation method based on public involvement, the residents of the borough take part in running the park. Residents also invited Instructor Pai Yi-hsin from Xinyi Community College to share knowhow on raising vegetables and improving soil quality with the community.
A local resident and project participant surnamed Chen noted that having access to a plot of land to raise vegetables and share his experience with his peers, as well as relaxing after a long day of work.