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Taipei Card-Health service. Registration renewal and get 30 bonus points.

In order to promote regular health screening and to respond the“ Taipei Card integration service”, the program “Taipei Card- Health service” by Department of Health of Taipei City Government offers registration renewal for Taipei card as of today. A friendly reminder for citizens who held ”second generation Taipei card” (Easy Card) can bring their card to renew at any of the 12 Taipei district health centers, Taipei City Hospitals and 12 Taipei District Offices. It will be able to participate any of health screening or health promotion activities so that to get 30 bonus points which announced on March 2015 by Department of Health of Taipei City Government.

For further details of Easy Card rewards program please call Citizens’ Hotline 1999 ext. 1815, visit 12 Taipei Health Centers or Customer service desks at Taipei City Hospitals. Alternatively you can simply visit Taipei Card official website or Department of Health website.