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Secretariat, Taipei City Government

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Taipei City Government Employee Assistance Programs

The various services available are described as follows:
1.    Individual counseling: Depending on employee needs, counseling is arranged with our contracted professional counselors (6 hours of free counseling annually).
2.    Group counseling: Depending on agency needs, counseling is arranged with our contracted professional counselors (6 hours of free counseling annually).
3.    Counseling for employees exhibiting signs of abnormality, and consultation on management: Assists various agencies in counseling those employees who are ill-adjusted to their work, suffering from declining job performance, losing balance of mood, or exhibiting behavioral abnormality; or to improve the ability of the respective supervisors in managing these employees, or that of other employees in getting along with these employees.
4.    Peace-of-mind counseling: Active intervention and counseling take place when an agency encounters major incidents or contingent events.
5.    Courses for promotion of mental health: Courses on emotional and stress adjustment are held for agencies that are in charge of hazardous tasks, undertake heavier loads of emotional labor, and face the risk of being frequently sued when carrying out their work, which often results in a higher load of stress for their employees.
6.    Guardian of employee mental health – Workshop for Managerial Personnel: Assists managerial personnel at every agency in identifying signs of abnormality on the part of employees, improving interview techniques on the topic of work performance, and effectively utilizing the employee assistance service offered by the City Government at the right time.
7.    Guardian of employee mental health – Workshop for HR Personnel: Identifies employee needs and improves techniques on talks for care and referrals, and establishes cooperation with the employee counseling office at the City Government.
8.    Mental Health Clinic at the agency: Out-patient services by the mental health clinic are available every Wednesday afternoon at the infirmary of the City Hall Building (Northern Zone on the 10th floor).
9.    Information related to mental and physical health: Books and movie DVDs (public versions) related to growth and well-being of mental health are available for rent.
10.    Referral and links to other resources: Legal counseling, medical services, financial management, etc.