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Beware of Strangers Short Film Reinforces Children’s’ Awareness of Self-protection

Screen shot from Beware of Strangers – doo doo doo short film It's time for school! In order to strengthen children's safety, the Taipei City Police Department Women's and Children's Protection Division collaborated with children's rhythm activity channel BoboPopo to adapt the most popular children's songs into a singing and dance routine for promoting awareness of self-protection. Sung and recorded by policewomen, the song is performed by renowned celebrity Bubble Brother, for a sight that is not only adorable but also educational and meaningful.

The common tricks used by strangers to lure children are incorporated into the song's lyrics as a reminder to children:

Pretending to be lost: The felon may pretend to be lost and asks you to take him somewhere you know. Children are reminded to ignore the stranger because there is no way of telling whether he is a good person or bad person. Tell him that he should ask an adult nearby to stay safe.

Pretending to be the parents' friend: Remind the children not to loiter around outside the school before their parent arrives, as a felon may target a solitary child, pretending to be the parent’s friend who is supposed to take them home. The felon may also deceive the children by telling them: "your dad and mom have been involved in an accident, and they asked me to come to pick you up." If the parents have not specifically informed their children about such an arrangement, they should never leave with a stranger.

Tricking a child with food: The felon may offer a child drugs disguised as candies to trick them. Never accept food or beverage from a stranger and get away from him/her as quickly as possible to prevent being followed.

Playing the sympathy card: The felon claims that there is an injured animal awaiting rescue; although the children may feel the need to help others, it is imperative to instill the concept of self-protection in them, so that when a stranger suddenly approaches them asking for help, they should keep their guard up and never leave with the stranger.

Use of violence: When the felon grabs a child by force, they should scream for help as loud as they can to draw attention.
Last but not least, since children are no match for adults physically during a crisis, they should get as far away from the felon as possible.

Beware of strangers: If the parents are late for picking up their children, they should ask a teacher or security guard to contact their family.

Be brave and loud: Refuse the stranger's requests and scream for help at the top of your lungs.

Personal alarm: Elementary schools in Taipei City have issued personal alarms to students, and they are taught to Scream (for help), Pull (the pin), and Run (escape). They can also carry the safety whistle and blow it to attract the attention and assistance of other people when in danger.

Run for help: Get away from the scene as quickly as possible and seek assistance at a nearby community watch member shop, convenience store, or from a police officer.

For the Beware of Strangers – doo doo doo short film, please refer to the Taipei City Police Department Women's and Children's Protection Division's official Facebook page at fuyopolice.taipei.