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SSO: Sewer Pipe Professionals are Only a Call Away

What happens if the toilet in your house gets clogged? What should you do when you see water overflowing in the flush toilet?
The Sewerage Systems Office (SSO) of the Public Works Department noted that staff members with professional skills and knowledge on the cleaning of house sewer pipes are only a phone call away.
According to Section Chief Chen from SSO’s Maintenance Construction Division, citizens can either call the 1999 Citizen Hotline or SSO’s 24-hour cleaning hotline (TEL: 02-2596-8603 or 02-2596-8631) to ask for professional assistance. The staff members are equipped with “weapons” such as plumbing snakes and toilet augers, as well as sewer pipe inspection camera to investigate the clog – even high pressure washers if necessary.
With sewer pipes covering a total distance of roughly 10,200 kilometers (enough to encircle the entire Taiwan 12 times), every 3 out of 4 households are connected with the public sewer system. However, there are often reports of sewer abuse by people who flush waste materials such as clothes, kitchen waste, waste cooking oil, hair, tampons – and even cement – down the toilet, resulting in severe damages and affecting neighbors.
In addition to seeking help, SSO reminds the public that they can help with maintaining a clean house sewer by changing their daily habits, such as not disposing of items that are not flushable down the toilet and wiping the grease off pots and kitchenware with paper towels before rinsing them.