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Smart Ecological Community Achievement Exhibition Kicks Off on Nov. 23

Smart Eco Community Exhibition by DLA The Taipei City Government’s Department of Land Administration (DLA) has launched the smart ecological community experimental venue plan in 2019, where the outcome of local workshops and design competitions from the last 2 years were consolidated through inter-departmental communication and coordination to introduce several smart ecological facilities to the Huajiang expropriation zone in the Wanhua District and the Xinyi District. The kickoff press conference was held at Taipei Water Window in Huajiang on November 23 to share the project’s achievements over the year with the audience, and it also served as the curtain-raiser to the weeklong static achievement exhibition held from Nov. 23 through 30.

Heartwarming Opening Activity Envisions Future Lifestyles
The opening activity in the morning of Nov. 23 attracted nearly 100 citizens as well as local councilors and sub-district chiefs. Presided over by Land Administration Commissioner Chang Chih-Hsiang, the function saw the participation of Department of Social Welfare (DOSW) Commissioner Chen Shiue-Hui, Wanhua District Director Chan Tien-Pao, Public Works Department, Parks and Street Lights Office, Water Department, and Wanhua District Kunming cleaning team, among others. In addition, last year’s Huajiang region design competition winning team was also invited to witness this touching moment, knowing that their designs and conceptions will soon be materialized!

According to Commissioner Chang of DLA, the Huajiang region in Wanhua, whose development was completed years ago, also requires the introduction of new plans in order to cater to modern living needs. Accordingly, this year the government has focused on several agendas that citizens are concerned with, including an elevator, painting the water tower, Wi-Fi, and the installation of surveillance cameras in order to gradually transform the community to satisfy everyone’s expectations!

One of the key aspects of this year’s achievement exhibition is the local residents’ long-awaited elevator, which was showcased via AR (augmented reality) at the exhibit area. The design and construction of the elevator will be carried out by the New Construction Office in 2020, with completion slated for the first half of 2021. Before the elevator is completed, according to the DOSW, senior citizens or persons with disabilities may use the stair climber to assist their mobility, which can be rented through the Assistive Technology Center, the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, and the Taiwan Access for All Association. Furthermore, those who qualify for long-term care may also procure services from assistive technology contractors, and the government will provide necessary subsidies so that citizens only have to bear part of the expense of utilizing this service.

Guided Tour of Huajiang House Culture and History
Designed and constructed in 1971 by 6 renowned architects, Huajiang House brings together several hundred households with a circular overpass, endowing it with unique architectural features. A guided tour was included in today’s activities, where cultural worker Kao Chuan-Chi led a group of more than 30 citizens to appreciate the historical significance and popular culture of the first zone expropriation project in Taiwan. Moreover, AR technology was applied to illustrate to the participants what future ecological facilities will look like. Participants needed only to pick up their smartphones to catch a glimpse of how the area will be transformed after renovation, and everyone was astonished by the amazing experience!

You Are Invited to Join the Achievement Exhibition (11/23-30)
The achievement exhibition will be held at the first unified development zone in the country - Huajiang expropriation zone in Wanhua District – symbolizing that the DLA continues to serve the public in unified development zones that have already been completed many years after the zone expropriation project was announced in 1969. The department’s intention is to transform Huajiang’ s “old community” image by applying the concept of smart ecology.

The press conference was followed by a week-long achievement exhibition to showcase the past, present, and future of the unified development zone and the smart ecological community. Additionally, an elaborately designed large-scale model will be complemented by AR technology to illustrate the achievements of this year’s project, while an exhibition of publications, an album of winning designs, and promotional short films will be organized as well. The public is invited to visit the Huajiang House from Nov. 23 to 30 to admire the architectural features and the fruitful accomplishments of the smart ecological community.