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“Strong old man of his age on Earth” completes mission impossible. Spring issue of TAIPEI shows you the detail of Taipei Mayor Wen-je Ko’s “Cycling challenge”

March and spring come, so does spring issue of TAIPEI, available in English and Japanese versions. Velo-city Global hosted by Taipei City Government just ended on March 1st, and here comes final 500-day countdown of 2017 Taipei Unviersiade. Sports atmosphere is fulfilling the entire Taipei city. Following “One-day Taipei to Kaohsiung Cycling Challenge”, Taipei Mayor Wen-je Ko completed another difficult challenge “Fuguijiao Lighthouse to Eluanbi Lighthouse Cycling Challenge”, which is 520 kilometers long. This earned him the title of “strongest old man of his age on Earth”. This issue of Taipei brings you to view how Ko achieved his dream.
Sports stimulate enthusiasm and boost morale. In this issue of TAIPEI, we present special reports on college student athletes Tai tzu-ying and Huang Shih-feng, and MLB pitcher Wei-Yin Chen. Chen has succeeded Chien-Ming Wang in keeping Taiwanese fans glued to their television sets late at night to cheer him on to glory for Taiwan. Although working overseas for a long time, Chen always remembers his expression of Taipei. Tai was the Bronze-medal winner in the women’s badminton at 2015 Guangju Universiade. She is young, but has a commanding presence. She has developed skills in the sport of badminton that are “beyond her years”. The silver-medal winner in the 2015 Guangju Universiade, Huang Shih-feng is a student in the Graduate Institute of Sports Training at University of Taipei. He is currently working hard for the Rio Olympics Games, and hopes he can win the gold-medal at the 2017 Universiade.
Over hundreds of years of reclamation and development, the face of Taipei has been ever-changing. This year, during the Lunar New Year holidays, the city government efficiently dismantled the Zhongxiao Bridge access-road overpass in just a six-day period, restoring the old walled city’s 1884-built Cheng-En Gate, better known as Beimen, to its full visual glory. This project also brought the Taipei Post Office and railway museum within the panorama, creating iconic new Taipei imagery. Future work will craft an image in the style of a Taipei triumphal arch, reshaping the city skyline. For this issue we have invited well-known travel experts to introduce shooting locations from classic domestic films. Movies such as Brother Liu and Brother Wang on the Roads in Taiwan, Turn Left, Turn Right, and Forever Love were shot in Beitou, in the past called the “Hollywood of Taiwanese cinema.” In Our Times, the outdoor rink where characters Hsu Tai-yu and Truly Lin practiced roller-skating is in Muzha Park. There’s nothing that whets the appetite better than touring a city’s food landscapes! In this issue is a guide to famous food sellers in Nanmen Market and around Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Jerky, ham, and xiaolongbao are all must-try delicacies. Elsewhere, Yongkang Street’s Smoothie House offers rich and flavorful shaved-ice confections, and the quaint and quiet eatery QingTian 76 is a restful place that provides much food for thought.
Furthermore, in this issue we present special reports on Taiwanese puppet lover Robin Ruizendaal, director of the Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Musuem, and Masaki Baba, or “Baba san”, the writer of By the Sea, the theme song of 2012 Taiwan film Touch of the Light. “There is good food, good weather, good nightlife.” Ruizendaal, originally from the Netherlands, says, “It is an open society that is constantly changing for the better.” Taipei is the center of culture and development in Taiwan. That is why he decided to locate in Taipei to have his career in puppet. Giving up the generous salary and benefits of a career diplomat to become an independent creative artist, Masaki Baba feels he was meant for Taipei. “My hope is that Japanese people can learn more about Taiwan through my songs,” he says, “and if they help my Taiwan friends to get reacquainted with their island, all the better.” According to Pei-chun Hsieh, Division Chief of Media Relations and Publications Division, Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government, TAIPEI spring issue will be available for free starting March 15 at Visitor Information Centers in Taipei City, Museum of Contemporary Art, Mayor Salon, The Red House at Ximen, SPOT Taipei, all MRT stations in Taipei, and all Eslite Bookstores. Meanwhile, it is also available on Travel.Taipei website(www.travel.taipei)(Chinese) or dial 1999 (for callers outside Taipei please dial 02-27208889) extends 2029, 7564.