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​Applications for Fertilizer Giveaway Accepted Starting November 8

​Applications for Fertilizer Giveaway Accepted Starting November 8The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) pointed out that the kitchen waste collected by the garbage trucks have been processed by firms with fertilizer registration certificate, with a portion of the resulting fertilizers given back to the city and citizens. 
Starting 11 AM on November 8, those interested in taking home some of these fertilizers can apply online at the “Garden Bank Platform”. Only a limited number of the fertilizer is available, so don’t miss this opportunity!
According to DEP, the recycled kitchen waste can be subdivided into 2 categories: compost food waste and kitchen waste for feeding pigs. Since 2017, a portion of the fertilizers received from the processing firms are distributed to citizens as part of Garden City Initiative.
Citizens of Taipei City can apply via the “Garden Bank Platform” during the registration period and reserve up to 10 kilograms of fertilizers. They can pick up the reserved fertilizers at any of the 12 distribution locations across the city.
For this year, a total of 8,934 people and 170 organizations participating in the Garden City Initiative have already received the organic fertilizers. The agency plans to distribute the fertilizer to 6,000 citizens in the fourth quarter of 2021.
In light of the COVID Alert, DEP reminds citizens to observe pandemic prevention guidelines when they pick up their fertilizers, including contact-tracing registration, face mask, and social distancing.