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Mayor on Farm City Initiative: Roofs to Go Green Next Year

Mayor Ko Wen-je reiterated that promoting Farm City is an essential part of his administration and that he believes the initiative will bring benefits to individuals, the campus, the city, and industries in a result presentation press event on November 21.
According to Ko, Department of Education has pioneered the “Small Farm Education Program” in institutions from kindergarten to high school levels. The city government will increase the budget year by year for this cause, hoping that food and farming education will allow students to acquire knowledge on crop cultivation through hands-on experience.
For elementary school students in particular, they will learn the skills to grow, harvest, and cook vegetables on their own, after which they are required to convert the kitchen waste into compost. The process serves to strengthen life and group education.
Answering media questions on his objective of the Farm City initiative, Ko pointed out that the priority will be to promote “green roof” across schools, public institutions, and private buildings. He added that transforming a building rooftop into a garden at the cost of approximately NT$100,000 to NT$150,000 will result in lower room temperatures in summer and less use of air conditioners. He invited residents to visit the green roof booth at an expo slated to be held at Taipei Expo Park for more information at the end of the year.