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Warm Mother's Love - Prepare for Disaster Together The Fire Department and the Yongan Village Office jointly hold the Mother’s Gratitude Event and Community Disaster Prevention Carnival

The Taipei City Fire Department’s 3rd District HQs, in collaboration with the Yongan Village Office, will hold the "2024 Yongan Village Mother’s Gratitude Event and Community Disaster Prevention Carnival" at Yongan Elementary School on May 5th (Sunday) at 2:00 PM. Citizens are welcomed to gather and celebrate a warm Mother's Day together, enjoying exquisite stage performances, learning correct fire prevention and disaster prevention knowledge, and disaster response skills.


Since the Hualien earthquake on April 3, 2024, there have been continuous aftershocks of varying sizes. The fire department urges the public that when an earthquake occurs, it's important to immediately take the "drop, cover, and hold on" action, crawl underneath a table or an interior wall, and protect the head and neck with tables or sturdy objects to avoid injury from moving or falling objects. Additionally, after the earthquake has stopped, it is essential to promptly ensure the safety of family and friends nearby and inspect whether gas and heat sources at home are turned off to prevent fires and exacerbation of secondary disasters.


For many years, the fire department has been continuously innovating, creating various disaster preparedness e-books to provide citizens with learning materials on disaster prevention. These include the "Disaster Preparedness Taipei" manual, as well as easy-to-read booklets such as "What to Do When an Earthquake Strikes," "What to Do When a Typhoon Strikes," "What to Do When a Fire Breaks Out (Fire Prevention Guide)," and "What to Do When a Fire Breaks Out (Evacuation and Escape Guide)." Everyone is encouraged to download these materials during this event to collectively raise awareness and create a safer community for disaster prevention among the public.


This disaster prevention carnival is extremely exciting, with activities focusing on stage performances, games, and quizzes with prizes. Also, there will be various

disaster prevention booths such as "Firefighting Heroes", "Download E-modules for Life-saving Essentials", "Earthquake Preparedness" and "CPR Experience". Citizens and mothers with children are welcomed to come and play, while learning correct disaster prevention concepts together.