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Taipei-Shanghai Forum Takes Place over the Internet

Spokesperson Chou unveils the visual design for the 2020 Taipei-Shanghai ForumThe Spokesperson for Taipei City Government Tom Chou unveiled the main visual design and itinerary of the upcoming 2020 Taipei-Shanghai Forum on July 21.
Chou remarked that the event will kickoff at 10 AM on July 22 at the Regent Taipei in the form of an online forum. Taipei City will be represented by Mayor Ko Wen-je, Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan, Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun, and Secretary-general Chen Chih-ming. Mayor Gong Zheng and Deputy Mayor Zhong Ming will attend the event on behalf of Shanghai.
In addition, Taipei City also invited dignitaries from the industry and government sectors. The topics covered by the upcoming forum span numerous sectors, with the main spotlights on pandemic prevention and economy in the post-COVID-19 era.
According to Chou, the opening ceremony will include an address by Mayor Ko and Mayor Gong. Next, Deputy Mayor Huang will deliver a presentation on the building of new values for Taipei after the fight against the pandemic. The deputy mayor of Shanghai will also deliver a speech on pandemic prevention and economic development.
Noting the difficulties for the Shanghai delegates to attend the forum in person due to the pandemic, the spokesperson pointed out that the event will be held online for the first time. To ensure the smooth progress of the event, staff members have conducted several tests on the systems and software ahead of time to ensure minimal disruption. Backup systems are also in place to deal with emergencies. He noted that after discussions with Shanghai, the two sides have decided to use the solution provided by Cisco Systems for the forum.
As for the topics of discussion, Chou remarked that 4 subforums have been established focusing on the topics of health and medical care, economy and industry, smart transportation, and regional governance. The main forum is expected to conclude around 11 AM, while the 4 subforums will last until 3 PM.