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Taipei City Government Performed Well in Broadening Revenue Sources and Reducing Expenditure

Taipei City Government (TCG) established financial program for broadening revenue sources and reducing uneconomical expenditure so as to consolidate government’s finance structure and accelerate municipal developments.


The program included 8 main points and 27 ancillary points in 2015. The annual performance was summarized and illustrated as follow:

A.Broadening Revenue Sources
1.Tax Revenue:
Besides basic tax revenue, strengthening tax collection, tax arrears settlement, housing unit price modification and the markup tax for luxury residences generated 4.089 billion NTD additional tax revenue.
2.Non-tax and Assets Revitalization Revenue:
Revenue derived from fees collection and assets management was increased by 1.683 billion NTD in total.

B.Reducing Expenditure
1.TCG controlled and managed the budget through eliminating the estimates of capital expenditures in 2016 by 9.463 billion NTD, saving budget implementation in 2015 by 2.29 billion NTD and canceling secondary reserve fund by 0.228 billion NTD.
2.TCG reduced the personnel costs by managing and monitoring organizational structure and issuing governmental outsourcing. The measures saved 755 staff and 0.371 billion NTD relatively.
3.The volunteer recruitment with a cumulative total of 22,958 persons saved 613 civil officials, equivalent to 0.274 billion NTD personnel cost.
4.TCG promoted private investment and participation in public infrastructure to spur various development plans of Taipei City. TCG collected royalties and rents by contracting Operate-Transfer, Reconstruction-Operate Transfer and outsourcing projects with the private sector. These projects saved TCG 4,825 staff and the costs of construction, rehabilitation and operation totaling 8.564 billion NTD.
5.TCG enhanced the capital management of municipal treasury service and held open tenders for the short-term borrowing of Taipei Debt Service Fund, which saved 2.563 billion NTD interest expenditure.


TCG will keep proactively promoting measures to broaden sources of revenue and reduce uneconomical expenditure to support and facilitate the development of municipal projects.