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Contract of historic site development singed to unveil West District Gateway Program’s second phase

Taipei City Government (TCG) signs the contract involving the right of superficies of the old city council site, 13 parcels of land including serial No.1 of 3rd Gongyuan section. The other party is called Jin Yu Tai Co. Ltd., a special purpose company set up by the cooperative alliance, the successful bidder offering the royalty of nearly NT$2.9 billion. The Deputy Mayor of TCG, Charles Lin, says that a special team will be organized, the sooner the better, to assist in the review of urban design and building permit.


The site adjoins important planned roads such as the Zhongxiao West Road, Zhongshan South Road and Qingdao West Road, with the area of 6,695 square meters. The Department of Finance (DOF) expresses that the new architecture will functionally satisfy consumer demand of Taipei Railway Station and Central Town CBD, and also reflect the splendor of the Control Yuan's historic building by its exterior design.


The site is zoned for commercial use(typeⅣ), as well as for culture and tourism special use. The contract agrees under the investor's obligation to build the Taipei City Museum by using 20% of the floor area of culture and tourism special-use zone without compensation. Furthermore, it will supply open spaces for diverse uses and preserve Taipei City's memory via facilities, for example, "Vision of Taipei City", "History Exhibition of City Council", "Monument of Examination Hall", etc. Besides that, due to the upcoming era of big data, the establishment of "Big Data Center of Taipei City" providing timely dynamic information, will be evaluated in the near future.