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New Landscape Restrooms Installed at Riverside Parks

With more and more people utilizing local riverside parks for recreational activities, the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) completed the installation of new “riverside landscape restrooms” at 10 riverside parks in mid-July.
These landscape restrooms can be found at the following riverside parks: Meiti, Chengmei, Caihong, Shezidao, Yanping, Machangting, and Daonan.
HEO remarked that the budget of NT$28 million was invested in setting up a total of 9 men’s restrooms, 13 unisex restrooms, and 18 unisex restrooms with barrier-free access.
Among all of the newly installed restroom facilities, four landscape restrooms are available for public access, including the ones located in Yanping Riverside Park (next to Dadaocheng Wharf and another beside Yanping Temple), Daonan Riverside Park (next to Hengguang Bridge), and Chengmei Left Bank Riverside Park (Xikou Wharf).
The remaining six restrooms will open to the public in August.
According to HEO, these new restrooms boast colorful surface decors on the outside. The interior of these facilities are made from stainless steel, with enough room to allow occupants to bring in bicycles. Each unisex restroom is equipped with LED light tubes with sensors for better lighting, as well as toilet seats, squat toilet, and urinals.