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Who is the best farmer?

Receive prize for a good farm! With the Garden city plan have been working stably for five years , Taipei government hold the Garden city development competition to encourage garden’s builders and operators. It has team competition, individual competition and industry competition, all of which is rich in awards and bonus. This plan hopes to improve city’s ecosystem and decrease the urban heat island effect by the sustainable operation of gardens.
Mr.Chen Rong Shing, director of Parks and Street Lights Office, said that the team competition has plenty of awards. Parks and Street Lights Office will hold a seminar at August 2 in Daan greening classroom of Daan park to explain the information of the competition. Except for the team competition, individual competition and industry competition are new. Individual competition is fun. It divide to potted plant design group and don’t play food group. Industry competition encourages industry to build their own gardens by establishing a good example.
The application of the competition begins at 9/1 to 9/30. Team competition will have two stage of examination at 10/1 to 10/31. Individual competition will score at 10/1 to 10/9. The winner list will be announced before late November at newest information column of  website (Chinese), and award in the mid December. More information can be searched in website (Chinese).