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Photos, Videos Spotlighting Taipei to Go on Exhibit Starting November 24

The award ceremony for “Shoot Your City”--the video and photography competition aimed at capturing the diverse faces of Taipei--took place on November 23.
Winners have emerged from a pool of 2,087 submissions received between September 9 and October 24.
Deputy Commissioner Chen Yu-hsin of Department of Information and Tourism expressed her gratitude to those who participated in the contest for revealing the diverse and international facets of Taipei from unique perspectives and through employing different techniques.
A panel member for the photo category surnamed Yu reckoned that the focus of the panel is upon the interactions between people and the city, as well as the composition and angle from which the photo was taken. Video category judge Lin remarked that, to his amazement, winners of the first three places stood out in terms of sophistication, skillfulness and expressiveness.
Ti Le-ping, whose work “Image Hunting” won the top prize in the photo category, recorded the moment when foreign tourists were adjusting their positions to capture the Taipei Basin from up on Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain) with their cameras. Lin Xiang-ling, winner of the video category with “Memories of a Pair of Old Shoes”, shared with the audience how she recounted her childhood days in Dadaocheng through the story of a pair of worn-out shoes embarking on its last journey to ever so familiar places before it meets its end.
The winning works will be displayed on the first floor of Guanghua Digital Plaza between November 24 and December 1.