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Splendid Crest Line: Collecting Words at Old Place and Traversing the Jiantanshan – Wenjianshan Hiking Trail

* As the summer vacation nears, it’s time to get ready for a healthy summer and embrace Mother Nature. The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) of the Taipei City Government’s Public Works Department will be conducting numerous guided ecological trail tours during the summer vacation, taking the public to traverse the approachable hiking trail between Jiantanshan and Wenjianshan on June 29 (Saturday). All students and their parents are welcome to join in on the mountain trip.

According to the GEO, the second round of ecological trail guided tours will take place on the hiking trail from Jiantanshan to Wenjianshan, a hiking route in the northern part of the city. With the trailhead on either side falling within the proximity of an MRT station, it is a very approachable trail. On June 29 (Saturday), participants will assemble at Exit 1 of MRT Jiantan Station at 08:30, where they will group up before departure. The hikers will walk along Section 5 of Zhongshan North Road, passing by Ming Chuan University before making a right turn at the Fu Hsin Broadcasting Station in Lane 282 until reaching the trail marked by a rock face with the inscription “Never Forget what Happened in Ju” on its top.

The Industrial and Trail Section Chief Chen Yen-cheng stated that compared to the endless stream of hikers next to Jiantan Park, fewer tourists come through this trailhead, making it a serene location to visit. As the trail ascends gently, hikers are greeted by several traditional, rustic houses built along the mountainside, creating a peaceful image. Jiantanshan was originally a military-controlled zone, therefore the forest along the trail remains largely in pristine condition without noticeable human destruction. Many abandoned military posts are scattered along the crest line, while the Liumei and Qimei Viewing Platforms offers a commanding view of Songshan, Dazhi, Guanyinshan, Keelung River, and Tamsui River.

“Old Place” can be reached in roughly 50 minutes, and is the gathering ground for hikers from Dazhi, Neihu, and Shilin, featuring a gazebo to rest and take in the surrounding landscape. Since it faces Songshan Airport, the lookout point’s design drew inspiration from the image of an aircraft. Don’t forget to take a picture of the word “Tai” on the imprinted column before leaving. The word Tai forms part of the phrase “East/West/South/North Taipei Grand Hiking Journey”.

After passing by Old Place, there used to be a section of exposed trail that was revamped by the GEO, who paved it in wood chips to give it a natural aesthetic. Follow the trail towards the direction of Wenjianshan and you will come across numerous scenic locations including the Miramar Ferris wheel, Taipei 101, Nangangshan and Four beasts Mountains in the east, as well as the National Palace Museum and Taipei Koxinga Temple in the west. There is also a popular private scenic spot known among netizens offering an unparalleled view of Miramar Ferris wheel at night.

When descending from the top of Wenjianshan, you will reach Jiannan Road. Pass by the Jiannan Butterfly Eco-education Park, and turn into the flight of stairs next to Jiantan Temple after the exit with a caterpillar sign to reach Lane 811 of Beian Road. The Trail Concert will be held at the small park next to Lane 811 of Beian Road, inviting music students from Zhongshan Community College and Nei-Hu Community College to perform on the stage. Visitors who have participated in the entire guided tour will be able to collect their souvenirs here before everyone is dismissed.

There are 300 spots available for the Jiantanshan to Wenjianshan Hiking Guide Tour, and registration begins on June 14; only limited spots are available on a first come first served basis. You are welcome to register for the event on the Taiwan Nature Trail Society’s official website (https://www.naturetrail.org.tw/). For more information, please browse the GEO’s website (http://www.geo.gov.taipei/), or call (02)2302-5265, and our staff will be ready to assist you.

The GEO welcomes the general public to attend the “Grand Hiking Journey in Taipei – Exploring Magnificent Trails” event to discover the varied, rich, and colorful demeanor of Taipei!