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The Results of May Opinion Poll regarding Senior Welfare

     Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Taipei City Government conducted a poll in May 2019 to understand Taipei city citizens’ opinions about welfare services for senior citizens. 
     The poll indicates that 47% of the 1,212 respondents know about the Senior EasyCard (hereinafter referred to as “the Senior Card.”) When asked about its applicable scope (a multiple-answer question), the top three services chosen by the respondents knowing about the Senior Card are public bus (57%), Metro (46%) and senior citizens taxi service (12%). In addition, among the 249 respondents who are 65 years old or older, 82% used the Senior Card before, while 17% did not; and, the most frequently used service is public transportation – 91% for bus rides and 85% for Metro rides.
    On the aspect of senior care, when asked if they feel senior care is getting better or worse in general, 36% of the respondents think it is improving, while 14% think the opposite, and close to 20% feel “about the same.” Comparing to the poll conducted on November 28, 2017, the positive response rate rises from 16% to 36% this year. The increase demonstrates citizens believe senior welfare policies of Taipei City Government are in the right direction. For the question regarding what senior services they think Taipei City Government should give priority to (a multiple-answer question), the first is medical care (55%), followed by day-time care (36%) and night-time care (30%). The result is about the same with last poll (November 28, 2017). Particularly mentionable is the need for the cash gift for senior citizens from the government, the rate drops from 28% in 2017 to 13% this year. It reveals the most important service citizens expect from the government when they grow old is medical care.
For the cancellation of the Double Ninth Festival cash gift for senior citizens, 57% of the respondents are supportive, while 28% is not. Furthermore, 60% prefer allocating the saved budget from canceling cash gift for senior care to showing respect for/taking care of seniors by giving away cash gift. As to the services the saved budget shall be used for, the top three are medical care (33%), long-term care (14%) and day-time care (11%).
The poll is based on telephone interviews conducted in the evenings of May 20 through May 23, 2019, interviewing 1,212 people living in Taipei and aged 18 or older. The telephone numbers are randomly selected from residential numbers in Taipei City. The margin of sampling error is ±2.81% with a 95% confidence level.