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“Ask The Professionals to Lead The Way” Campaign Now Online Complete Special Tasks to Get One-day Pass of Taipei Pass

Every journey is like an adventure. Are you ready to embark on your next trip? To create a friendly and accessible traveling environment, Department of Information and Tourism of Taipei City Government (臺北市觀光傳播局), together with the twelve “Information Stations”(借問站) established in collaboration with local special stores provide various services including local tour information service, walkaway map, Wi-fi hotspots, etc at important shopping districts and renowned tourist attractions throughout Taipei; moreover, in order to familiarize the tourists with the friendly services offered by the Information Stations, “Ask The Professionals to Lead The Way” campaign will be held online from November 7th to November 23rd . Visit the campaign website, complete the tasks and then get a chance to win a one-day pass of Taipei Pass and other limited gifts!
Wang Shijia (王施佳), head of the City Tourism Division (城市旅遊科) of the Department of Information and Tourism, stated that, the Information Stations, set up by the department at local stores such as century-old tea shops, Chinese bakeries, modern restaurants, shopping districts, cultural and artistic districts and tourists attractions, are not only popular sites themselves for their distinguished characteristics but also run by knowledgeable local people that are willing to help tourists with all kinds of problems. There is a round sign hanging on every station with “Information Station” written in yellow on a black background, making it easier to be spotted by the tourists. If one ever encountered any problem during their trip, a direct visit to the nearby Information Station is very welcomed.
During the campaign, visit the webpage “Excuse Me, Who is The Expert of 2016” of TRAVEL TAPEI (台北旅遊網), participate in the online game “Ask The Local Experts to Lead The Way” , help the little tourist find the owner of Information Stations, fill out information for the lucky draw and chances are you will get a one-day pass of Taipei pass, 100 NTD gift cards of 7-11 and other distinguished prizes. The information of the stores and tours is also elaborated in the website. Please visit the campaign website at http://2016.taipei-askme.taipei/eng_intro.html or TRAVEL TAIPEI.