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Innovation Illuminates the City's Future: 2023 Taipei City Government's Innovative Proposal Competition Yields Fruitful Results

The winners of the award-winning proposal of the 2023 Taipei City Government's Innovative Proposal Competition were honored in an awards ceremony held before the Municipal Administrative Meeting by Mayor Chiang Wan-an on October 24, 2023.

The purpose of this competition is to encourage municipal staff to unleash their creativity and propose suggestions and improvements for operation reform. After two rounds of judging, the panel selected 27 award-winning proposals among the 128 entries.  This competition has three categories: Innovation Award, Improvement Award, and Across Boundary Collaboration Award.  The top 3 proposals receiving the most positive feedback from the judges in each category were honored with the “Excellence Award.”

Innovation Award - Excellence: 

The “Smart Official Document Exchange and Intelligent Parcel Retrieval” proposal by the Secretariat was recognized for its innovative approach to reducing unnecessary waiting time when exchanging official documents.   Instead of requiring all personnel from different agencies to gather at a central exchange center, this proposal suggests using “Smart Parcel Lockers” as an intermediary for flexible document retrieval. 

The “5G Transmission for Immediate Rescue” proposal from the Taipei City Fire Department aims to ensure the stability of patients' conditions during transport.  It utilizes 5G high-definition video transmission, allowing senior paramedics to provide remote guidance to enhance the capability of emergency personnel on-site when transporting critically injured patients to medical facilities. 

The “Train Service Interval Adjustment Decision Early Warning System Based on Cumulative Transportation Load and Congestion Data,” developed by Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, optimizes train service intervals based on accumulated ridership and congestion index, to reduce overcrowding in train carriages and to provide passengers with a more comfortable traveling environment.

Improvement Award - Excellence:

The proposal titled “Precision Sliding of Underground TBM - Advancements in Shield Tunneling Method” by the First District Project Office of the Department of Rapid Transit Systems introduces the new “Jack-up sliding” method as a replacement for the original lifting and dismantling method.  This innovation significantly shortens construction timelines, reduces the impact on traffic, eliminates the risk associated with disassembling and hoisting out of the excavation pit, and enhances pedestrian safety.

Recognizing the durability challenges of ground anchor methods, Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department initiated the proposal “A Three-Year Comprehensive Plan: The Resurgence of Ground Anchors.”  This proposal involves sampling and evaluating ground anchors that have reached the lifespan, followed by maintenance and reinforcement.  The first in the nation's “Comprehensive Resurgence and Partial Reinforce” method helps to restore the ground anchor on the slopes with the best disaster prevention and reduction effectiveness.

The “Breakthrough for Innovation: Wanda Line Metro Station Construction” by the Second District Project Office of the Department of Rapid Transit Systems focuses on shortening construction timelines and minimizing the impact on public transportation and daily life by continuously improving materials, planning, and methods for metro station construction and enhancing quality.

Across Boundary Collaboration Award - Excellence: 

The proposal “Collaborative Management of Comprehensive Real-Time Pipeline Data for Enhanced Disaster Response and Road Safety” by the Taipei Water Department and the Public Works Department is the first in the nation to manage pipeline data from its source.  The Taipei Water Department improves data quality through project management, while the Road Excavation Administration Center of the Public Works Department conducts quality control checks on the data provided.  This collaboration prevents duplicate efforts in pipeline data management, ultimately enhancing disaster response and road safety.

The initiative “E-Inoculation for Community Vaccination” successfully established a digital model for community vaccine administration and mobile medical service, created through close partnerships among the Department of Health, the Department of Information Technology, and the Department of Civil Affairs.  Through system improvements and outreach efforts, this initiative offers convenient and user-friendly vaccination services.

The proposal “Firing Up the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei: A Public-Private Collaboration for Sustainable Light in Taiwan” by the Department of Civil Servant Development integrates resources from the government-industry-university to construct an 'Innovation Model of Human Resource Training online to offline Integration,' allowing all volunteers and staff to maximize their efficiency of service while promoting the digital preservation and inheritance of experiences.

The proposals for this competition are not only diverse in type but also innovative, feasible, and effective.  Regardless of whether the submission wins or not, this competition showcases the enthusiastic dedication of Taipei City Government staff in advancing municipal services.  Mayor Chiang expressed his appreciation and congratulations to the award recipients during the awards ceremony, and he urged all members of the Taipei City Government to strive for excellence, continuously experiment, and seek new ways to provide more comprehensive services.