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Mayor Presents Award to Outstanding Officers at Police Day Celebrations

To commemorate Police Day and honor outstanding city police officers, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the Police Day Celebration and 2016 Jinwu Award Presentation Ceremony on June 15.

During his address, the mayor congratulated the winners of the award and expressed his attitude to the family members who supported the career of their loved ones, allowing the award recipients to focus on their expertise.

Ko pointed out that the responsibilities of police officers have a number of similarities to his previous job as doctors working at the intensive care unit. One of the shared traits is the irrelevance of night and day, as well as working shifts on weekends and holidays.

Citing his role as a mayor that requires him to work seven days a week, the mayor remarked that one-third to two-thirds of his police escort task force will have to accompany him at these times. This means that they have to sacrifice time with their families to fulfill their work duties. This is why he needs to express his gratitude to the officers and their family members who provide support.

He noted that two of the major responsibilities of the police are maintaining security and supervising traffic. The safety rating of Taipei has seen gradual improvements over the years – especially in the area of crime prevention. However, with the shift of criminal activities to white-collar crimes – notably network technology crimes – the mayor called upon the police force to adopt the latest knowhow and evolve with the times.

The mayor instructed Police Commissioner Chiu Feng-kuang to take a head start by allocating younger personnel to research and study white-collar and Internet crimes. He also expressed his gratitude to the police force for helping to keep Taipei safe and wished everyone a happy Police Day.