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Juru Community in Nangang Searches for Quality Water

Participants tours Juru Community in Nangang The urban farm observation and study workshop was conducted on September 15, 2019, inviting veteran community garden workers to share their experiences in community development with the Juru Community in Nangang. The objective is to enrich the imagination of community gardens in the future through river conservation by Juru Community volunteers and collaboration with local farmers.

It has been 5 years since the vision of Farm City was launched, and besides assisting communities to build gardens, Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development (DOED) also supports the development of farming communities in Taipei on a long-term basis.

Sifen River, which courses through the Juru Community in Nangang, sustained debris flow and collapsed embankments after multiple typhoons and torrential rain, so Taipei City Government dredged the river by applying ecological engineering techniques. Furthermore, it has implemented a ban on fishing at the river in conjunction with the Juru Community since 2011, turning it into the first river in Taipei City closed to the public for the sake of fish conservation.

For this event, citizens are able to put on bib overalls and head down to Sifen River with Director Hsieh Chien-chih to experience the coolness of the water and observe the abundance of ecology in the river. Rivers with such thriving ecologies are extremely rare, and it is maintained in a pristine condition thanks to the enthusiasm and environmental awareness of community volunteers. Aside from witnessing the river’s rich ecology, citizens will be able to experience bamboo shoot bun and tea jelly DIY activities using produce grown by local farmers. Participants will be able to appreciate Juru Community’s bountiful resources and its endeavors in marketing and promoting local agricultural products.

The DOED suggested that the farm observation and study activity enables urban garden workers to enter farming communities to see its diverse dimensions besides agricultural production. The journey to Juru Community not only introduces the concept of ecological conservation by protecting the river, but also expands the horizon of garden managers, allowing them to see that gardens can also be endowed with the functions of sustainable water resource utilization and the enrichment of the community’s ecological environment. The ultimate objective of the initiative is to promote the ecological sustainability of community gardens.

The Taipei City Community Garden Promotion Center is located above Zhongshan Parent-Child Center in Taipei Expo Park (immediately adjacent to MRT Tamsui Line Yuanshan Station – 2F, No. 1, Yumen St., Taipei City). Business hours are 09:00-17:00 (closed on Monday and national holidays). The center exhibits community garden-related agendas and information, and speakers are invited from time to time to present public lectures and discussions on various topics or take the participants on light journeys! All interested citizens are invited to join the program to ensure the sustainability of community gardens, thereby building a network of community gardens in the farm city and creating an environment that is mutually beneficial for the people, community, and city.

If you wish to obtain more information about community garden courses and the latest events, please browse Taipei City Community Garden Promotion Center’s Facebook page, “臺北市產業局 - 台北饗樂趣” or the official website of the DOED.