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Taipei City’s COVID Update for November 4

Taipei City’s COVID Update for November 4The Department of Health (DOH) reported two new COVID-19 cases, including 1 imported case (Case 16540) and 1 domestic case (Case 16539) for November 4.
The case from abroad is a man in his 20s who arrived from Italy. Having tested positive at the airport, he was immediately moved to the hospital.
The domestic case has been classified as an old case by the central government. The man in his 30s received his first AZ vaccine shot on August 26. However, he reported symptoms including fatigue and short of breath. With symptoms becoming more severe, he underwent testing on November 3. The PCR test showed positive result with a Ct value of 34. However, a follow-up test on November 4 showed a negative result. DOH immediately conducted contact-tracing and listed 16 individuals for testing.
Regarding government-funded flu vaccine, Taipei City reported a total of 358,479 individuals have already received their vaccine. Among these, 59,567 people received their shots at 401 community vaccination stations as of November 3. A total of 4,656 senior citizens received their pneumococcal vaccine at the same time.
Senior citizens are encouraged to take advantage of these stations. For the location of these stations, please call local borough offices, health centers, or the DOH. There are also 339 contracted clinics administering the flu vaccine.
DOH reminds the public that there is a possibility for the vaccinated to develop fever-like symptoms after receiving the shot (≧38℃). Such fever often subsides within 48 hours. In the case where the fever lasts beyond 48 hours, or where the individual shows signs such as shortness of breath, headaches, fast heartbeat, or rashes, please seek medical attention immediately.
For more information on vaccines, please call the pandemic prevention hotline (02)-2375-3782 or the 1999 Citizens’ Hotline.