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Fully upgradation of Taipei City 119 High-Performance Dispatch System accurately protects citizen’s safety.

Taipei City 119 High-Performance Dispatch System will officially go live on January 1st, 2022. The Fire Department held a press conference to announce this statement at 10:30 AM. It was hosted by the Mayor of Taipei City Wen-Je Ko, and James Wen was invited as the celebrity endorser of the 119 high-performance dispatch system. In addition, a film was produced by our special guest, the director of “Tears on Fire”, Yin-Chuan Tsai. This film has taken future, technology, and accuracy as its concept for the government’s determination to protect citizens by using technology wisely and efficiently.  

Taipei City Fire Department announces that there are three highlights in this new dispatch system: accuracy, rapidity, and safety. Firstly, this system can receive incidents from multiple means, use electronic fence, automatically case judgement, and multi-functional detection and notification. All these functions allow the dispatch center to understand the incidents precisely. Secondly, a visual platform (Combat Force Dashboard) is constructed in the system to strengthen the information transfer, and the system uses the cloud technology to make the dispatch even faster. Finally, with the help of the real-time spatial detection, digital message transfer and CMS (changeable message sign), this system can not only remind the citizens to avoid the accident scene but also protect their safety accurately.

Taipei City Fire Department said that a well-designed information system should combine the accumulation of experience from the past with the usage of new technique. By introducing the AI and E-application to enhance the efficiency of duty, 119service in Taipei will completely step into a new era.