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GEO to Organize Hiking Trip to Guizikeng, Zhongyi Mountain

A creek along a mountain road.Tired of staying at home? Why not sign up for a short hiking trip organized by the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO)? The second trip of the “Taipei Grand Trail – Let’s Go Hiking” campaign will take place on July 4! The trip will bring participants to the hiking trail connecting Guizikeng to Zhongyi Mountain.
Those who successfully signed up for the hike will meet at the platform next to the Soil and Water Conservation Park at 8 AM. The group will travel along Shuimokeng Creek and Guizikeng Creek to witness how dredging works are carried out. After passing by the Guizikeng Campsite, the travelers will turn and head up Guizikeng Hiking Trail. Upon reaching the pavilion at the top of the staircase, they will continue onward along the Taipei Grand Trail. After passing by Kuohua Golf Club and Wu Family Stone Mansion, the hikers will move along an industrial road cutting through a dense forest before arriving at the grass plain on top of Zhongyi Mountain. After spending some time in the area, participants will continue down the Zhongyi Mountain trail until arriving at the final destination: Guandu Xingtian Temple.
According to the agency, the route from Guizikeng to Zhongyi Mountain is the first section of the overall Taipei Grand Trail. One end of the trail is connected to the Xiajingque Trail, which heads towards Yangmingshan National Park and Datun Mountain. The other end is connected to the Fontainebleau Trail which connects to destinations such as Taipei National University of the Arts and MRT Guandu Station.
Since this specific route has a relatively longer distance as well as sections with steep slopes, participants should bring appropriate hiking gears and be physically fit to take on the challenge.
Registration kicks off on June 18 with 300 openings. For more information or to sign up, please visit the Chinese website of Taiwan Nature Trail Society (https://www.naturetrail.org.tw/). Details are also available at GEO’s website (https://www.geo.gov.taipei/) or by calling (02) 2302-5265.