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City Announces Sandbag Locations and Flood Barrier Subsidy Program

In light of the recent severe flood on June 2, Department of Civil Affairs (DCA) calls upon the public to acquire sandbags from the twelve district districts and learn about sandbagging techniques as a precautionary measure as the typhoon season approaches.
To increase the effectiveness of sandbag use, New Construction Office (NCO) has devised a manual on the correct methods of sandbag storage and stacking that will reduce flood water damage.
In addition, victims of the June 2 flood incident will be prioritized on the City’s subsidy program in the installation of flood barriers to mitigate flood threats. Applications are accepted at respective district offices between now and September 30. The amount of cash subsidy varies:
1. Underground Parking Garage with Single Entrance/Exit Lane: NT$25,500.
2. Underground Parking Garage with Double or More Entrance/Exit Lanes: NT$42,500.
3. Ground Floor Entrance Width under 1m: NT$12,500.
4. Ground Floor Entrance Width over 1m: NT$20,000.
DCA reminds the public that used sandbags should not be disposed of randomly or placed outside. Instead, they should be dried and stockpiled inside with a distance from the floor and covered by water resistant cloth. Exposure to sun should be avoided to prevent the bags from weathering. Unwanted sandbags should be recycled at respective district offices or handled by the City’s Department of Environmental Protection.
Information on where to acquire sandbags and the methods of use:
http://ca.gov.taipei/lp.asp?ctNode=67291&CtUnit=36340&BaseDSD=7&mp=102001 (Chinese)
For flood barrier installation application: visit http://ca.gov.taipei/ct.asp?xItem=313375823&ctNode=38628&mp=102001 (Chinese)