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City Introduces New Deputy Spokesperson

On July 22, City Spokesperson Sidney Lin announced that Mayor Ko Wen-je has chosen Liu Yi-ting for the role of Deputy Spokesperson of city hall.

Liu served at Taipei City Government Secretariat’s Media Affairs Division before taking on his new role.

Lin noted that following the resignation of former deputy spokesperson Huang, the mayor consulted with a number of candidates, seeking to find the right candidate to focus on improving media relations.

Liu will help the spokesperson in handling public announcements, concentrating on issues by respective city agencies requiring city-level announcements. On the other hand, Lin will continue to speak on behalf of city government on issues related with major policies.

According to the spokesperson, Liu’s stint at the Media Affairs Division played a role in establishing smooth communication channels with the mayor and commissioners of city agencies. He believes that Liu’s expertise will be effective in clarifying city policies to the public.