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Tax Counter is Online

  Taipei City Revenue Service (TRS) has launched “Online Tax Counter” for video call application services since April 16th, 2020 (website: https://www.services.tpctax.gov.taipei/onlineCounterv3en/). The general public need not worry about not being able to go out due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Taxpayers or the public can use their Citizen Digital Certificate or upload identification proves first, and then complete their online local tax counseling or other applications through cell phones or computers.
  TRS indicates that not only taxpayers can apply tax services online, they can also use its Online Tax Counter. The public doesn’t have to visit TRS in person. They simply take a service number and can enjoy quality tax services cross region at the video online counter.
  TRS points out that for more information on the use of Online Tax Counter, the public is welcome to call TRS at 2394-9211 ext.534 or 536. The representatives will provide services and feedbacks accordingly.