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Where to go in this scorching summer? Bravo invites you to have fun in Beitou Zhuzihu line.

Do you have a plan for this scorching summer? 2017 Universiade mascot “Bravo” invites you to enjoy summer in Yangmingshan. Along with Bravo, take the “Beitou Zhuzihu line” to enjoy the nostalgic hot spring museum, plum garden and romantic calla trail path. Various options will make your trip in Beitou wonderful.
Taipei City Government designed three different themes “Hot Spring”, “Great Nature” and “Travel” for buses of “Beitou Zhuzihu line”. Visitors will enjoy different theme music on different buses all the way to Yangmingshan and Zhuzihu. On the way it passes Beitou park, which has historic Hot Spring Museum and Plum Garden, and Sulfur Valley, at where you can enjoy a view different than Taipei metropolitan area. Historic attractions like Grass Mountain Chateau, Yangming Shuwu are also on the way. This line contains various cultural, historical and natural attractions.
Get off at “Hutian bridge” station, walk into “Shuicheliao trial”, along the Yangming river, you will arrive the “Flower viewing boulevard”, which is about 15 minute walk. Get off at “Fengjiakou” station, you will arrive Zhuzihu’s “Black forest”. Sunshine passes through tall Chinese firs and creates rich layering shadow. It is famous photo shooting spot for couples. An installation art was put by Taipei City Government here to make it even more romantic.
What are you waiting for? Bravo reports: each day, from 5:20am to 10:50pm, “Beitou Zhuzihu line” starts service from MRT Beitou station. Vehicles are designed with three different themes, bring you experience beautiful Yangmingshan and unique culture of Beitou. For further detail, please visit the Travel.Taipei website: http://www.travel.taipei/(Chinese).