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City Council Gives Green Light to FY2016 City Budget

Mayor Ko Wen-je visited Taipei City Council to express his gratitude to city councilors for passing the city government’s budget for 2016.
When asked by reporters whether he is satisfied with the results, the mayor stated that he would first like to thank city councilors for spending time on reviewing the budget. Starting from the very moment, the city government will do its best in executing the budget, hoping to make Taipei City even more convenient for residents in terms of living.
Regarding the city council decision to set the Type II Budget Reserve to NT$1.25 billion, Ko noted that politics is something which all sides can accept.
Responding to questions regarding the removal of all budgets for International Urban Development Association’s (INTA) UN HABITAT III parallel initiative event in Taipei, the mayor admitted that this is a major problem, as this is a rare opportunity for Taipei to host a major United Nation related event. He added that the city government will look into ways to resolve this issue.
As for the cut on funding for the 2050 visions platform, the mayor stressed that he will have to contemplate further on this issue, noting that “if there’s rice you eat rice; if there’s no rice you drink sweet potato soup.”
When asked about the upcoming third reading of the budget, the mayor said the most important issue is to go to work and to do what can be done within the limits set by rules and regulations.