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​DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for October 12

​DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for October 12The Department reported that there has been an increase of 2 COVID-19 imported cases for Taipei City on October 12. The two patients entered from Malaysia and Bulgaria respectively and were tested positive during quarantine.
The central government also pointed out that Case 16411 of New Taipei City showed negative result for a repeated PCR test, while the presence of N and S antibodies were both positive. The authority has classified the case as an old case. It also screened all 122 people who have contact history with the case. With the exception of 3 individuals whose result are still being analyzed, the rest have tested negative.
Regarding the central government’s Round 11 COVID-19 vaccine registration, the available shots include first dose of BNT vaccine and second shot of AZ vaccine. The following people are qualified for schedule booking:

  1. BNT vaccine (First shot): Individuals above 18 years old who belong to category 9, those between 12 and 22, and people above 45 years old. Registration is open between 10 AM on October 11 and noon on October 13.
  2. AZ vaccine (Second shot): Individuals 18 or older who have taken their first shot before July 22, and those who are 54 or older and have taken their initial AZ shot before July 30. Registration is available between 10 AM on October 12 and noon on October 13.
To avoid possible confusion at the clinics, the first dose of BNT vaccine will be administered between October 15 and 18. Likewise, while the second shot of AZ vaccine will be available between October 19 and 21. Those who have registered for vaccine should visit the respective venues at the time of the appointment.
As of noon on October 12, Taipei City reported that at total of 32,645 elders above the age of 68 and indigenous senior citizens above the age of 55 have completed their second dose Moderna vaccine registration. The vaccine will be administered between October 13 and 15, and from October 22 through 23. Individuals should bring their yellow vaccine record card and NHI card to their appointment.
For more information on the pandemic and COVID-19 vaccines, please call the pandemic prevention hotline (02)-2375-3782 or the 1999 Citizens’ Hotline.