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Beam-Raising Ceremony Held on Aug 23 for Jinzhou St. Social Housing Construction Project

The New Construction Office of the Public Works Department of the Taipei City Government has been commissioned to undertake the “Taipei City Zhongshan District Jinzhou Street Social Housing Project” on behalf of the Department of Urban Development, which involves the construction of a public housing complex with 20 floors above ground and 4 floors below ground. Since the commencement of construction on February 17, 2020, project workers have been working tirelessly to complete the various operations step by step, which has also enabled the project to progress smoothly; as of today, the foundation work and steel structural frame lifting operations have been completed. In order to pray for the success of the subsequent construction work, the Taipei City Government held a beam-raising ceremony at the base on August 23, 2022 at an auspicious time for the construction of the beams. The ceremony was officiated by Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je, who led the concerned staff to pray for the successful implementation of the project and the safe and smooth operations of the workforce and machinery.

During his address, Mayor Ko pointed out that the completion of the project is expected to bring several landmark milestones: firstly, new and modern social housing, which will transform the stereotype of traditional public housing by the public; secondly, the high quality of social housing space, which will reverse the negative perception of the public towards social housing; in addition, the setup of a day care center for senior citizens and the physically disabled in the project demonstrates the city's care for the disadvantaged groups. Lastly, this project is anticipated to drive the pace of urban renewal of the surrounding areas.

Lin Kun-Hu, Director-General of the New Construction Office, added that the beam-raising ceremony also represents a new milestone for the project. The project had already obtained the Green Building Silver-Grade Candidate Certificate and Smart Building Candidate Certificate during the planning and design phase, with a vision to create a modern, quality and safe residential community. The social welfare institutions for senior citizens and the disabled as well as a non-profit kindergarten on the ground floor ensure that the disadvantaged groups and young children are well taken care of in the immediate vicinity. In addition to providing the public with a quality residential environment, the project site also offers a variety of community functions, thus exemplifying a new generation of social housing.