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Exclusive! Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je’s favorite Lunar New Year meal “Mother Ko originated orange biscuit vegetarian thin noodle” is taught in detail by February issue of Taipei Pictorial

What is Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je’s favorite Lunar New Year meal? Taipei City Government’s Department of Information and Tourism lately published February issue of Taipei Pictorial, which shows you “Mother Ko originated orange biscuit vegetarian thin noodle”. Following Mother Ko’s private recipe, from ingredients selection to cooking procedure, you will be able to enjoy Ko family’s Lunar New Year meal. Lunar New Year is coming. Every family is busy cleaning houses, preparing various Lunar New Year meals or snacks and enjoying family gathering time. Taipei Mayor Ko’s mother He Ruiying(何瑞英) shows readers of Taipei Pictorial a Lunar New Year meal she is good at, “Mother Ko originated orange biscuit vegetarian thin noodle”. This is also one of Ko’s favorite meal. Thin noodle has a meaning of long-life and orange biscuit represents “good fortunate”. This meal is perfect for Lunar New Year.
Before cooking this “Originated vegetarian noodle”, there are some details you need to pay attention to. According to Mother Ko, the first thing is to choose the right thin noodle, which needs to be able to be cooked for long time without becoming too soft. You can ask shop staff before buying the thin noodle. Moreover, because thin noodles have some saltiness themselves, it is not recommended to use salty rice wine otherwise it would be too salty. Meanwhile, be sure to choose fresh orange biscuits which must smell good; in order to make a great meal with both good looking and good smelling. Regarding to the cooking procedure, first peel and mince gingers and cube orange biscuits for later use. At the same time, rinse thin noodles with boiled water to remove saltiness. Do not cook noodles for too long, just cook until them float then put them on the side for later use. Then turn on the fire stove, make sure the pot is dry, add some sesame oil, later add minced gingers. When you can clearly smell the aroma, add 2 spoons of wolfberries and cubed orange biscuits and heat them with slow fire. Fry them until you can smell the aroma, then put noodles and add some brown sugar, little bit salts and rice wine and fry them evenly.
Put the thin noodles on the plate, and evenly lay the fried-sources on the top of them. Stir them up till you can see the vapor comes out of it. The fuscous orange biscuit and ginger come with oiled and smooth thin noodles, certainly make a great appetite for everyone. In this freezing winter, such a heart-warming hot dish is the best suit meal for families. Mother Ko says, she learnt this meal from her friend, who did it as incense burning or vegetarian meal. Meanwhile, thin noodles also mean long-life in Mandarin, which could be a bless for family dinner. Because of the vegetarian ancestors, Mother Ko, who is 80 years old now, usually has a vegan diet for the first 9 days of Lunar New Year. Sometimes she would also have vegan diet for Buddha's Birthday in Lunar June. So usually, there are lots of vegetables on Ko’s dinner table. Most meat on the table, such as chicken and fish, are usually for worshiping.
Among all these sumptuous food and dishes prepared for the Lunar Chinese New Year, what is Mayor Ko’s favorite? Mother Ko said, because their financial status was not too well at past, Mayor Ko has never been picky on food. In addition, Mother Ko recommends the easily-made braised Tofu, which is an occasional meal on Ko's Lunar New Year table, and the braised pork rice, which is Mother Ko's grand-children's favorites. After the Lunar New Year's holiday, Mother Ko will ask her grandchildren to bring these home-made braised pork rice back to Taipei.
Mother Ko's recipe of vegetarian thin noodles: (for 4-5 ppl)
Ingredient: thin noodles, 600 grams; orange biscuit, 8; wolfberries, 2 spoons; ginger: 60 grams; rice wine and black sesame oil, 2 large spoons; brown sugar and salt, some;
Steps: 1. Mince ginger and orange cake for later use; Put thin noodles into the boiled water, take it out and put it aside for later use after cooked; 2. turn on the stove and fried the ginger with sesame oil; Then put the minced orange cake along with wolfberries with low fire; 3. When the smell comes out, put the boiled thin noodles in; 4. At last, add brown sugar, salt, and rice wine, stir till evenly spread.
Pei-chun Hsieh, Division Chief of Media Publications and Relations Division of Department of Information and Tourism, notes that in this issue, the Cover Story interviews American Major League Baseball player Wei-Yin Chen, describes his youth memories in Taipei. Taipei Zoo is the place Chen’s family loves to go. Taipei Focus chapter introduces Ko’s “One day Taipei-to-Kaohsiung challenge”. “For You.For Youth” chapter, which debuts in this issue, tells stories of two potential participants of 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade, Shih-feng Huang and Tai Tzu-ying. Meanwhile, Taipei Broadcasting station has been revamped, introducing new program Concept Idea Inspiration hosted by Belle Yu, Hsu Chang-Te, Xin-Ling. Furthermore, Civil Society Editors, hosted by senior journalists in turns, launches “Major Editor Time” chapter. First broadcast of this chapter will be hosted by Cheng Jin-lan and Tieh-chih Chang, bringing new perspectives and incisive views on current affairs. By February 5, February issue of Taipei Pictorial will be available for free at MRT stations, citizen service center at 1st floor of Taipei City Hall, the 12 district offices and household registration offices, health centers, Taipei City Hospital, Taipei Public Library and its branches, tourist information centers and tourist centers around the country. The content is also available online at the official site of Department of Information and Tourism (www.tpedoit.gov.taipei)(Chinese) and Travel.Taipei website (www.travel.taipei)(Chinese). Digital copy is also available for download via the APP QR Code on contents page of Taipei Pictorial. For further information, please call 1999 Citizen Hotline (for callers outside Taipei, please dial 02-27208889) Ext. 7564 or 7570.