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Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government Press Release

Issued by: The Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government
Posted on: 2021/11/30
Contact: Sarah Lin of the Digital Strategy Center
Phone number: 02-27208889 Ext. 8554
Make Good Use of Digital Advantage to Create Integration of Virtual and Real Worlds
2021 Taipei Pavilion: Meeting Citizens Online
In response to the impact of COVID-19, the Taipei Pavilion of the 2021 Smart City Exhibition was presented via both offline and online (Smart City Online) channels. The on-site exhibition had more than 20,000 visitors over 4 days and the online exhibition attracted more than 67,000 visits, clearly showing that the performance of online exhibition using digital advantage was better. The online exhibitions of Smart Health and Smart Government were the areas of interest to most visitors. Although the actual exhibition has ended, the online exhibition continues over the Internet. Those who are interested in the topics of the exhibition can visit the Taipei Pavilion online until 31 December 2021.
The Department of Information Technology (DOIT) of the Taipei City Government stated that the 2021 Taipei Pavilion online exhibition showcased a total of 20 S.C.O.P.E. (Smart City Online Portal Entry) solutions for Taipei City's 1+7 smart city domains. Among them, the top two topics were "AI Smart Customer Service of the Department of Health of the City Government of Taipei" and "Dementia Care Incorporating Technological Safety and Humanities", which attracted more than 20,000 inquiries. The first topic highlights how citizens can apply for long-term care services through online application using the official LINE account; the AI smart customer service provides automatic replies and obtains long-term care information. The other topic "Dementia Care Incorporating Technological Safety and Humanities" uses fingerprinting and positioning system to enable those who suffer from dementia to participate in social activities in a safe and secure manner. The applications show that smart health topics are tightly related to the citizens' lives.
In addition, the domain of smart government attracted much attention at both the offline and online exhibitions. The applications showcased include TaipeiPass, which is promoted by the City Government as the single portal for municipal services integrating various online and offline services, such as Hello Taipei reporting system, public utility payment and i-Voting. It also incorporated pandemic control mechanisms, such as real-name registration scanning and COVID-19 vaccine appointment, as well as a dedicated pandemic control column allowing users to read the latest news on the pandemic situation in Taipei.
DOIT pointed out that due to the pandemic, the 2021 Smart City Exhibition established both online and offline presence, allowing those who could not attend the exhibition in person to visit the online platform to learn more about Taipei's progress in the implementation of smart city policies. The online exhibition of Taipei Pavilion has accumulated more than 67,000 visits, while visits to Smart City Online have also exceeded 600,000 person-time. The Taipei Pavilion also featured a VR360 virtual exhibition for the first time. The organizers extended the physical exhibition this March to the online event page with the help of virtual reality technology. Visitors can simply use their devices to access exhibition information and play videos. The interactive website design enables users around the world to visit the exhibition without restrictions of time and space, together witnessing the rich and complete content in Taipei Pavilion while remaining free from the fear of the pandemic.

  • Taipei Pavilion online exhibition
Website: https://smartcityonline.org.tw/pavilion.php?vip=taipei
Date: From now until December 31
Figure 1: Taipei Pavilion launched its services online for the first time
Figure 2: Taipei Pavilion’s interactive website