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People with Obesity, High Risk Chronic Diseases Urged to Get Flu Shot

With the arrival of flu season, the Department of Health (DOH) urges residents to take advantage of the country’s free vaccination program as soon as possible.
This year, the Centers for Disease Control has expanded the targeted groups of the program to include people under 50 years old with high-risk chronic diseases, those with BMI≧30, and patients with rare diseases/major illnesses/injuries.
The Director of Division of Infectious Diseases at National Taiwan University Hospital pointed out that the immune system of individuals with BMI≧30 is weaker than their peers, and that obesity can have an adverse effect on lung capacity or result in cardiovascular issues. People belonging to this group are therefore advised to receive influenza inoculation.     
According to the statistics from CDC, a total of 173 cases were reported with influenza-triggered implications between July 2015 and June 2016. Among these, 120 patients (69.3%) suffered from chronic diseases, and the mortality rate is 7.5% (13 cases).
Those eligible to receive free flu shots should bring their National Health Insurance Card and ID documents to contracted medical institutions of Taipei City or the outpatient department of the 12 branches of Taipei City Hospital. Please contact the institution in advance to ensure the availability of vaccines.
Please visit the Chinese website of DOH http://health.gov.taipei/Default.aspx?tabid=537 or call the twelve district health centers to learn more about the service.