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Enjoying the Night Breeze at Taipei’s Riverside Cycling Lanes

Taipei’s riverside bike lanesFaced with blazing summer heat during daytime, many people choose to travel the bicycle lanes at the riverside after sunset when it is a lot cooler. Watching the setting sun while enjoying some light snacks and a cup of coffee at a riverside plaza is a great way to enjoy the time after work.
The Hydraulics Engineering Office (HEO) pointed out that Taipei’s riverside bicycle lanes measure roughly 112 kilometers and connects 29 riverside parks around Taipei. However, it also reminds cyclists to take the necessary precautions before embarking on the night trip, including warmup exercise, bring all necessary gears, and pay attention to road safety.
The agency also listed several routes targeting different types of cyclists – from those who desire to satisfy their taste buds to people who enjoy the beauty of the riverside landscape under the moon.
For cycling gourmets, the HEO strongly recommends stopping by Dadaocheng wharf. Boasting numerous hawkers touting foreign delicacies, visitors can munch on exotic snacks while enjoying the view of the riverside sunset.
For outdoor enthusiasts, the riverside views encompassing either the Rainbow Bridge or Dazi Bridge are highly recommended. Great places to witness the astounding landscape include Dajia, Meiti, Yingfeng, Rainbow, and Chengmei riverside parks.
HEO continues to work on improving the facilities along the riverside cycling trails, as well as expanding lane width, adding nighttime illumination equipment, and diminishing curves and slopes to ensure safety of both cyclists and pedestrians.