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Mayor Salutes Troops Stationed in Penghu County Ahead of Moon Festival

Mayor Ko with members of the armed forces in Penghu.On August 13 and 14, Mayor Ko Wen-je led a delegation consisting of over 30 city officials on a visit to Penghu County. The delegation hopes to express the city government’s gratitude to the armed forces stationed on the offshore island.
Accompanied by Director Huang of Penghu County Military Personnel Service Station, the delegation arrived at the military installation housing both the Penghu Defense Command and the Amphibious Reconnaissance Second Battalion. The delegates expressed their gratitude to the army for taking care of young people from Taipei assigned to the respective units.
The mayor remarked that he himself have served in the military, so he understands the challenges of maintaining readiness around the clock and upholding the duty of protecting the life and welfare of the nation’s people. Given the recent rise of tension in the Taiwan Straits, as well as the increased frequency of intrusions by PRC military jets and naval vessels, the responsibility of the military is extremely important.
Ko stressed that the army is the lifeline of the nation, and he is glad to have this opportunity to visit and show his support for the military. On behalf of the citizens of Taipei, he presented the troop with holiday bonus money, thanking them for their sacrifice to keep Taiwan safe.
He also reminded the troops that COVID-19 remains a valid threat, and they should continue implementing pandemic prevention measures and monitor their own health. He invites the members of the armed forces to visit Taipei City during their leaves and explore the Taipei City Expo at the Expo Dome in August. He also wished them an early happy Moon Festival.