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​Sifen River Pedestrian Walkway to Receive an Overhaul

​Sifen River Pedestrian Walkway to Receive an OverhaulLocated near the China University of Science and Technology (CUST) in Nangang District, the Sifen River Pedestrian Walkway is frequented by residents for leisure and exercise. However, the dated facility is badly in need of repairs. The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) is in the process of implementing renovations, with the completion date slated for December 20, 2021.
According to HEO, the budget of the project has been secured through participatory budgeting. The pedestrian walkway undergoing renovation this time is located further upstream (in front of CUST). This section connects to the previously overhauled walkway between Shifen Bridge and Soldiers Public Cemetery Bridge. Renovations will take into consideration the factor of landscaping, which will significantly improve the environment for people living in the neighborhood.
Covering a distance of 360 meters, the walkway renovation will draw reference from the completed project for the section further downstream. The old paving of the walkway will be replaced by new permeable paving to enhance walking comfort and permeability. The trench covers along the path will be renewed as well.
To ensure uniformity and enhance aesthetics, damaged parts along the bamboo-shaped railings of the walkway will undergo repair and receive a new paint job. The old benches on the walkway will be replaced as well.
For elders and mobility-impaired individuals, HEO plans to add various barrier-free ramp along the pedestrian walkway to make it more accessible. The renovated walkway is bound to introduce new vitality to Sifen River and its surrounding.