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NCO to Dismantle Zhongxiao Bridge during CNY Holiday

The New Construction Office (NCO) held a press conference to brief the public on the upcoming Zhongxiao Bridge Dismantling Project.
According to the agency, the project will be separated into 3 phases, lasting from January 6 to November 30.
The first phase of the project, slated for completion on February 6, involves preparatory works spanning the placement of support beams to the removal of structures beneath the bridge.
The second phase of the project involves the actual dismantling of bridge structure. NCO explained that work will be carried out during the Chinese New Year holiday between February 7 and 14.
The final phase, lasting from February 15 through November 30, includes the overhaul of surface roads; expansion of pedestrian walkways and bridge ramps; and installation of new street lights and traffic facilities.
Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong noted that low traffic volume is the major reason for choosing the Chinese New Year holiday for bridge dismantling works. He reminds drivers to take either Taipei Bridge or Zhongxing Bridge as detours during this period.
NCO will also set up an Info Box to allow individuals exiting MRT Beimen Station to take photos of the dismantling process during this period.