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City to Roll out ‘Input’ Project, Integrate Citizen Feedback Channels

Mayor Ko Wen-je announced that the city government will terminate the “Meeting with the Mayor” program and launch a new “Input” project to manage citizen feedback data. He made the remarks before delivering a speech at Howard Civil Service International House at the invitation of Ketagalan Institute on January 3.
According to Ko, the Input project seeks to integrate the city’s communication channels with the citizenry, including 1999 Citizen Hotline and opinions expressed through online platforms, mobile devices, as well as government facilities.
A database will thus be established to collect what residents have to say about the city government, be it complaints, comments, or advice regarding civil services.
Despite the fact that the city government will no longer hold “Meeting with the Mayor” sessions to directly interact with citizens, Ko stressed that the new approach offers an institutionalized and more efficient mechanism to address residents’ needs.

Answering media’s questions concerning the launch time of Input, the mayor noted that he had expected the service to be rolled out in early 2016. However, the budget for implementing the project is still pending approval at the Taipei City Council.