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Taipei City Claims Top Honor at National Sewerage System Evaluation

Installation of pipes from households to sewer systemFor the fourth year in a row, Taipei City received the top “Excellent” mark in the National Sewage System Evaluation conducted by the Construction and Planning Agency under the Ministry of the Interior.
In addition, Taipei City also claimed “Outstanding” marks in three evaluation indices, making it the municipal government with the highest overall score. The performance testifies to Taipei’s leading position in Taiwan’s sewerage system construction and development.
Deputy Secretary-general Lee Te-chuan remarked that Taipei City has over 50 years of experience in sewerage system construction and improvement. The city also boasts a household-to-sewer connection rate exceeding 80 percent. It is also the first municipality in the nation to collect sewerage system fee, as well as the earliest in implementing sewerage pipeline maintenance and develop management plans for sewage treatment plants.
Director Cheng Pei-chia of the Sewage Systems Office (SSO) remarked that the agency places a heavy emphasis upon its duties and related implementation. At the same time, the agency takes into account the central government’s standards of sewerage system evaluation to finetune its projects and management. Noting that “Plan Execution and Management,” “Work Quality and Management,” and “Facility Operation and Management” being the three key criteria, Taipei’s claim of top honors reflect its effort and emphasis on sewerage system construction.
SSO pointed out that Taipei City has entered the new phase of expanding sewer pipe connection to households in difficult terrains. It also conducts preventative cleaning, awareness promotion, and water quality monitoring to minimize the possibility of blocked pipes, as well as adopting new technologies to fix broken pipes without excavation.