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Premier Lin Visits Haoran Senior Citizens Home

On June 5, Premier Lin Chuan arrived at the Taipei Municipal Haoran Senior Citizens Home to wish the elders an early happy Dragon Boat Festival. Lin was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong and Social Welfare Commissioner Hsu Li-min.
The premier presented bundles of zongzi and cash for extra holiday meals to the senior citizens living in the institution. Elder Jui Chen-hsin and Chi Kuang-lu accepted the gifts from the Executive Yuan on behalf of the residents at the institution.
Jui is currently 104 years old, and Chi has been living in the institution for 27 years. Both elders are witnesses to the changes of Haoran Senior Citizens Home over the years, praising the outstanding living environment for residents.
In addition to visiting the elders with mobility challenges at the nursing care ward, Lin also joined senior residents in doing their daily exercise. A number of senior citizens also shared their ceramic works with the premier.
The Haoran Senior Citizens Home is the only large-scale public senior care institution funded by the government. Over three decades, the institution has transformed from nursing center to an agency providing different types of care for elders, including home care, comprehensive clinic for elders, and palliative care.