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Vehicle License Tax Deadline Is April 30

* The Taipei City Revenue Service (TRS) reminds the public that vehicle license taxes for private cars, motorbikes, and scooters and commercial vehicles during the past period must be paid by April 30, 2019 in order to avoid fines.

According to the tax law, notes TRS, the penalty charged for unpaid vehicle license tax is an increase of 1% for every two days following the deadline. For instance, if an individual pays her 2019 vehicle tax on May 3 or 4 this year, only 1% would be added to her tax. If she pays on May 5 or 6, a penalty of 2% would be incurred, and so on, until the maximum of 15% is reached. When the tax is 30 days overdue, it will be handed over to compulsory enforcement. Fines will be imposed on vehicles with outstanding license taxes found driving or parked on public roads.

TRS advises individuals who have not received or misplaced this year's license tax notice to request a reissue by telephone, fax, internet or by visiting one of the 12 TRS branches, the Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office, or the Shilin Station. With the tax notice, they can pay their vehicle license tax at the four authorized payment collection organizations: 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Hi-Life, and OK Mart (if the total amount owed is less than TWD 20,000).

Another way is using the service kiosks in those and other convenience stores to be issued a tax notice. The taxpayer simply selects the taxation functionality on the kiosk, inputs their vehicle number and National ID Card Number or Tax Code Number, and the service kiosk will print their tax notice. The taxpayer can then use the printout to pay their vehicle tax at the store’s counter by any of the usual payment methods, or pay through an ATM, telephone remittance, internet banking, mobile payment app, or credit card.

To optimally serve the public during these busy tax filing days, all full-service counters of the TRS branches will have extended service hours to 6:30 pm (through April 30) to reissue tax notices, provide tax advice, etc. For any queries regarding your vehicle license tax, you may contact the TRS or the TRS branch in your city district or visit the TRS website at https://tpctax.gov.taipei.