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URS to Operate on Flexible Schedule during CNY Holiday

To usher in the Chinese New Year, Department of Economic Development (DED) announced that the city’s Urban Regeneration Stations and Community Planners Studios will be operating on a flexible schedule between January 26 and February 1. Services will resume on February 2.
Those planning to visit the venues during the CNY holiday are advised to check the opening hours of respective venues on their Facebook fan pages.
The eight Urban Regeneration Stations held a total of over 230 exhibitions and events on the themes of urban renewal and creative cities in 2016, seeking to incorporate the idea of soft urbanism into the city’s revitalization effort through diverse, creative, and open actions.
To foster urban redevelopment, the city government has also implemented the Community Planners Studios, which serves as a communication platform to engage with the local community. Their mission is to bridge the gap between the government and the residents, allowing the public to learn more about the City’s urban renewal policies while relaying people’s opinions.
To get the latest updates of the city’s urban revitalization policies and events, visit Urban Regeneration Office at uro.gov.taipei (Chinese) or Village Taipei at http://www.urstaipei.net/en/