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Referrals Between Taipei City, New Taipei City Upgraded – Promoting Hierarchy of Medical Care

TCH and Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital sign medical cooperation agreement To implement the policy of the hierarchy of medical care and reduced outpatient intake, Taipei City Hospital and Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital signed a medical cooperation agreement on February 12 to facilitate further bilateral exchanges and collaborations in medical care services. Through exchange services including diagnosis and treatment, consultation, academic lecture, and teaching demonstration, the aim is to elevate the standard of medical care and improve the quality of medical care service for the benefit of citizens in the Greater Taipei area.

According to Taipei City Hospital Superintendent Huang Sheng-Jean, as the largest regional hospital in Taipei City, Taipei City Hospital plays a pivotal role in treating patients within the system of hierarchy of medical care, and besides alleviating patient backlogs in medical centers, it also provides community hospitals and clinics with the necessary support.

Huang commented that both hospitals will step up collaboration efforts in medical technology, talent exchange, and research. It is believed that tangible interactions will engender more positive energy, and both parties will contribute towards establishing an integrated health care network, while the hierarchy of medical care will be materialized to protect the health of Greater Taipei citizens.

Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital Superintendent Wang Shoei-Shen noted that the hierarchy of medical care and referral are important foundations of the national health insurance system. By interacting and sharing experiences, Taipei City Hospital and Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital are able to complement each other and make up for any shortcomings, hence the partnership is for the benefit of both cities’ citizens. In particular, Taipei City Hospital possesses years of experience in home care, therefore the younger Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital can learn from its experience. He also thanked the medical team from Taipei City Hospital for imparting their knowledge and guidance.

Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch Superintendent Liu Chih-Kuang stated that the Zhongxing Branch is only separated from New Taipei City by a body of water; with the opening of the Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital, people can enjoy medical care service without traveling long distances. As long as both parties endeavor to overcome obstacles, interact more frequently and strive to build a high-quality integrated community health care network, they will be able to share medical resources, unleash the power of teamwork and offer the public peace of mind. Let us make contributions together to better the health of citizens living in Greater Taipei.