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Taipei Park App Rolls out Report Feature

To facilitate conveying of opinions on issues spanning maintenance of park facilities, roadside trees, street lamps, and services, in real time, Taipei’s Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) launched the new feature “People’s i Park (全民i公園)” on the “Taipei Parks Walkabout (臺北公園走透透)” website (http://parks.taipei)(Chinese). The mobile application is available for both iOS and Android systems.
According to PSLO, facilities such as parks, roadside trees, and street lamps serve the purposes of urban beautification, recreation, and public safety. By setting up a convenient digital platform for reporting problems or providing comments related with the aforementioned facilities, the city government will be able to respond to residents’ needs and improve the living environment more efficiently.
The “People’s i Park” app and website takes advantage of GPS and photo upload functions, allowing for accurate search of the reported event’s location while obtaining better case management efficiency. Cases successfully established will be duly processed and tracked.
In addition, with the transfer of management duty of neighborhood parks from the Department of Civil Affairs to PSLO, users can access relevant data on these parks via the website and app of Taipei Parks Walkabout, including info spanning the 781 parks and greens of Taipei.
The app also incorporates the website of flower appreciation http://flowers.taipei/Default2.aspx (Chinese), which provides the latest information on the recommended locations to enjoy the city’s full-blown blossoms.